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Flyers playoff odds

One of our favorite Twitter follows,, released their updated predictions for the 2021 NHL season.

The NHL is about to get very weird this year with a shortened 56 game season, different divisions, and a different playoff format:

The percentages are calculated by running a simulation of the NHL season 100,000 times using a pre-game prediction model.

Here are the top 10 teams in playoff odds:

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning: 72.7% (Central)
  2. Toronto Maple Leafs: 69.8% (North)
  3. Washington Capitals: 69.4% (East)
  4. Vegas Golden Knights: 68.2% (West)
  5. Montreal Canadiens: 65.7% (North)
  6. Calgary Flames: 64% (North)
  7. Colorado Avalanche: 61.6% (West)
  8. Philadelphia Flyers: 61.5% (East)
  9. Boston Bruins: 61.2% (East)
  10. Edmonton Oilers: 61.1% (North)

Stanley Cup Champion odds:

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning: 5.6% (Central)
  2. Washington Capitals: 5.2% (East)
  3. Toronto Maple Leafs: 4.7% (North)
  4. Colorado Avalanche: 4.4% (West)
  5. Vegas Golden Knights: 4.3% (West)
  6. Montreal Canadiens: 4.3% (North)
  7. Minnesota Wild: 4.3% (West)
  8. Philadelphia Flyers: 4.2% (East)
  9. Boston Bruins: 4.2% (East)
  10. Calgary Flames: 4.1% (North)

The path is statistically easiest in the Canadian division with one less team. The Tampa Bay Lightning look poised to dominate the central division. The Flyers find themselves in the hardest division in hockey.

For the full lists and more odds, check out

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