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Flyers 2024 Development Camp Scrimmage

Flyers' Heikki Ruohonen (Tiia Mahkonen/Jatkoaika)
(Tiia Mahkonen/Jatkoaika)

The Philadelphia Flyers split into two teams to compete in a five-on-five scrimmage to complete the 2024 Flyers Development Camp.

Typically, the two teams break into Team Orange and Team White. The colors did not change, but the representation did. Team Brière (Orange) competed against Team Jones (White) to conclude the 2024 Flyers Development Camp at the Flyers Training Center in Voorhees, NJ.

Team Brière




Team Jones





Fans filled the Flyers Training Center, awaiting a competitive test featuring the Flyers prospects. The puck dropped at 6pm.

Flyers Scrimmage: Five-On-Five, First Period

Hunter McDonald gave Team Jones an early lead, tipping a loose puck past Carson Bjarnason, 1-0. Alex Bump tried to put a puck on the pads of Bjarnason to force a rebound, but a deflection off Jett Luchanko gave McDonald room to beat Bjarnason.

Daniel Brière habitually mentioned McDonald when prospects became the topic of the rebuild, and he had a terrific showing to finish the 2024 Flyers Development Camp. He and Spencer Gill played physically deep in their defensive zone behind Matteo Drobac.

“All week I was on [Team] Brière, so I got close to those guys, but then we switched and a couple of other guys switched, so it was good to be able to hang out with him [Gill]. We had a good little connection. It was fun to meet the young guys and they’re having a good time.” – Hunter McDonald; 7/6/2024

Luchanko and Oliver Bonk was a matchup worth looking forward to once the scrimmage rosters were released. During the Flyers Development Camp, Riley Armstrong said Luchanko commanded his attention when he was on the road to scout Bonk. In the first period of five-on-five hockey, Bonk and Luchanko went head-to-head in puck battles.

“When I went to go watch Barkey and Bonk play, they were against Guelph. Going into the game, I’m not like, ‘Oh, who’s the next draft class coming up?’ I constantly was checking Elite Prospects, like, ‘Who’s this number seven on the Guelph Storm?” It was Jett [Luchanko].” – Riley Armstrong; 7/2/2024

Team Jones paced the tempo, leading in scoring chances and possession time. Bjarnason stopped Sawyer Boulton, who got to his backhand after a forechecking feed from Jack Williams.

Cole Knuble and Matt Miller worked the puck up ice to pressure Drobac. Drobac, a camp invite, stopped Knuble one-on-one. Devin Kaplan tried a crossing pass to Ryan Remick the next shift but failed to execute the scoring chance. Team Brière began to settle the pace, taming the tone set by Team Jones.

Heikki Ruohonen accepted a pass upon entering the offensive zone, sending a wrist shot on Bjarnason. It created a rebound, and Josh Zakreski potted the insurance goal, 2-0. Both goals had a primary emphasis on the net-front area for Team Jones.

Flyers Scrimmage: Five-On-Five, Second Period

Drobac blanked Team Brière in the first period of the five-on-five scrimmage. Arthur Smith occupied the crease for Team Jones, defending a 2-0 lead.

An early breakout into an odd-man rush for Team Jones featured JR Avon centering the puck to Ruohonen. Ruohonen finished the rush, tucking the puck past Bjarnason, 3-0.

“Through [the] first period, [I] got the legs going. The game started rolling. [It] went pretty well.” – Heikki Ruohonen; 7/6/2024

Most of the five-on-five portion of the scrimmage featured a ton of back-and-forth without structure. Truthfully, Philadelphia does not focus on systems and structure during the Flyers Development Camp. Coaches are running prospects through drills, seeking the raw skill traits.

Alexis Gendron skated wide with the puck, angling for a shot on Smith. He is another speedy prospect, like Luchanko. Luchanko nearly beat Bjarnason as he cut across the slot before Matteo Mann could recommit his defensive positioning.

Denver Barkey got behind his longtime friend and teammate, Bonk, finding Williams for the screened shot. Trey Taylor attempted to block the puck but screened Bjarnason, 4-0. Bjarnason had a rough night out in the five-on-five scrimmage, while Drobac and Smith blanked Team Brière.

Kaplan was the closest person to breakthrough onto the scoreboard for Team Brière. His active stick in the neutral zone nearly sprung a breakaway, but Kaplan took his shot off the post. Noah Powell got loose on a breakaway at the opposite end of the ice, but Bjarnason denied the scoring chance. Then, Cooper Wylie fired past Bjarnason, 5-0.

Powell continued to look impressive in the late minutes of the five-on-five scrimmage. He attacked the inside drive with deception, but Bjarnason denied his chances. Powell also provided misdirection, another creative stroke of offense, when Wylie took a low shot from the blue line.

Team Jones pulled Smith with less than a minute remaining in the second five-on-five period. Mark Estapa scored the empty-net goal, 5-1, to put Team Brière on the scoreboard. Then, moments later, a hooking penalty resulted in a penalty shot. Ryan MacPherson beat Smith on a fake before dotting the shot, 5-2.

Flyers Scrimmage: Four-On-Four, Third Period

Bump and Owen McLaughlin both recorded scoring chances when reduced to four-on-four. McDonald disengaged Knuble from the puck in the offensive zone, creating a two-on-zero against Bjarnason. Bjarnason made another wild save on Powell, who was on the receiving end of a slam dunk scoring opportunity. Smith remained between the pipes for Team Jones.

Team Brière pulled Bjarnason with a minute remaining in the four-on-four. Ethan Samson added the empty-net goal, 6-2.

Flyers Scrimmage: Three-On-Three

In four-on-four and three-on-three scenarios, the rink opens up. Space is available for a breakthrough to the goaltender. Line changes are far more frequent, and the action paces faster.

Alex Ciernik showed his shiftiness. Ciernik can divide a defense from the neutral zone to the goaltender. He did in the three-on-three. Splitting Remick and Lee Parks, Ciernik finished in close on Bjarnason, 7-2. Overall, Team Jones squashed Team Brière.

Flyers Scrimmage: Shootout

Team Brière: Bonk unsuccessful vs. Drobac
Team Jones: Luchanko unsuccessful vs. Bjarnason
Team Brière: Berglund unsuccessful vs. Drobac
Team Jones: Barkey successful vs. Bjarnason

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