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Top 5 Theme Nights the Flyers are hosting this season

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Ah yes, who doesn’t love some good Theme Nights.

The Flyers have officially released their theme nights for the 2023-2024 season. Like most seasons there are some of the same old theme nights: Star Wars Night, Military Appreciation Night, Pride Night, Hockey Fights Cancer Night, etc.

This season, however, has a couple fun theme nights that will be exciting for the fans (especially since the team will not be contending this season).

Let’s check out the Top 5 Theme Nights the Flyers are hosting this season.

5: The Flyers Bucket Hat Giveaway – March 24th (Florida Panthers)

It’s super late into the season right before the sun comes out a lot. A Flyers bucket hat seems so cool. No idea how it’ll look but I don’t care. Always love me a good bucket hat. What a good end of season theme night.

4: The Gritty Earmuffs Giveaway – February 27th (Tampa Bay Lightning)

Seems a little strange the earmuffs theme night is right before the beginning of spring. I feel like this would’ve made sense in November, but whatever. These will for sure be a big hit in the greater Philadelphia area. If they’re as fuzzy as Gritty is, sign me up!

3: The Dollar Pretzel Day(s) – February 24th/March 4th (New York Rangers/St. Louis Blues)

The Flyers are hosting a few “Dollar _____” days this season, and two of them are dollar pretzel nights. Imagine going to a game in the bleachers and spending a couple dollars on dinner? Awesome! These should be fun this season. Pretzels are cool, but the other “Dollar _____” day is cooler.

2: The Dollar Dog Day – January 21st (Ottawa Senators)

The greatest summer tradition in Philadelphia is making it’s way to the winter! The Flyers are taking a page out of the Phillies playbook and having a dollar dog game! These are always great because you get a bunch of random college students, teens, and young adults to come to a game they normally wouldn’t have gone to. Maybe this is also their way of telling us they’re planning on signing Phil Kessel for the season. Don’t be surprised if a glizzy ends up on the ice.

1: The Ed Snider Legacy Game – January 6th (Calgary Flames)

Yes. The new regime gets it. This is the most significant theme night the Flyers have hosted in the past decade. It shows the new regime’s commitment to making sure the fans are included in the team. Snider WAS the Flyers. He lived, breathed, and died with the Flyers, just like many of the fans. This night might mean more to the fanbase than any move made this offseason. It’s a step in the right direction after the years of the corporate detachment fans have felt from the team. Thank you Flyers, thank you.

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