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Predicting the Philadelphia Flyers’ future after the 2024 NHL Draft

(Heather Barry Images, LLC)

Now that the NHL Draft has come and passed, the Philadelphia Flyers have made some draft picks that seem good for the franchise.

They are appearing to help bolster their forward depth and piece together a supporting cast for Matvei Michkov. The highly-praised Russian winger will absolutely thrive with a good center by his side and we can presume that’s the intent with the Jett Luchanko draft choice.

The Flyers also need to focus on some defensive depth on the right side to not bank on Jamie Drysdale because of his reputation with injuries. They do have Oliver Bonk, but no one is sure if he is NHL ready yet. Fresh 59th overall pick Spencer Gill could help the right side at a fairly young age already being at 6’4” and 185 pounds, so he could be pro bound within just a couple of years.

It’s also unclear if the Flyers are going to go all in with Michkov around now or if they’ll be patient with it. Based on that, if they do have a more of a tanking season, they could get players like Michkov, Bonk, Bobby Brink, and more some extensive pro experience.

They are also close to being able to put together a roster that might even be able to squeeze into the playoffs. With about only $4 million in salary cap space even after the Cam Atkinson buyout, the rebuild line may be wiser, but the offseason is young and only time will tell.

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